Basic Position and Forehand Stroke

Basic Ready Position
- Stand about 50-70cm from the table. If you are a righty, place your right foot slightly further back than your left foot.
- Shift your weight toward the front but don’t lift your heels.
- Your weight should evenly distributed between your legs.
Bent your knees, keep feet around 1.5 times your shouder width apart.
With your right shoulder slightly behind the left, getting ready to swing your arm.
Keep the elbow about 90 degrees, and the paddle above the table.
Forehand Stroke
Keep your eyes on the ball
The paddle should be about 45 degree.
Slight pull your right arm back and turn your hips, waist, shoulders. Get ready to swing and strike the ball.
Complete the swing after your hit the ball.
Go right back the ready position after the swing.

You may improve your skill by engaging in a particular type of physical exerc ise. You need to do your exercise and workout every day for 1 to 2 hours to keep yourself fit. After carry out your workout, then only should you start to train your playing skill of table tennis.

To become a professional player, it's crucial for you to purchase a durable set of rackets. Keep in mind that you're not going to master the game if you get the wrong racket for yourself. Therefore, you need to find out which blade is suitable for your as well as the rubbers that can suit your playing style. Whether to buy offensive or defensive rubbers is definitely depending on your personal playing style.'s middle. 




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