Table Tennis Top 7 Myths


There are a numbers of common myths in almost any sports. High level table tennis play is rarely shown on TVs, making the sport has more misconceptions than others. Here are the top 7 myths about table tennis.
Myth 1 : Ping-Pong is a Game, Not a Sport
“Is Ping-pong a sport?” The most commonly asked question by people who does not play table tennis. Yes! Ping-pong/Table tennis is a sport. It doesn’t look like much of a sport if two beginners are playing really straight way. If you look at how top player plays,  you will be amazed what these players can do with that little 40mm ball. Some examples are shown in these videos.
Myth 2 : You Need Fast Reflexes to Play Table Tennis
No, no, no. Quick reflexes will definitely help, but you can still play decent game without it. Some players stand farther from the table so that they have more time to react. Smart players can place the ball in positions that their opponents can’t hit a good return.
Myth 3 : Ping-Pong is a Game and not a Sport
Ping-pong and Table tennis are the same thing! you may read the article to know whether is table tennis a sport or just a game.
Myth 4 : I need a faster racket
Every sport has this myth. New / low lever players believe that faster equipment will simply make them better players. Playing with a faster paddle will give you a more powerful hit but less control over the ball.  It takes a lot of practice for a player to manage to control his/her faster paddle.
Myth 5 : I Need to Find the Right Rubber/Blade/Racket
Yes and No. If you are a player with reasonable skill, the answer is yes. And it’s likely that you know what is right for you. If you are a beginner, then the answer is no. I would recommend getting a pre-assembled racket under $40. After a while, you will good idea how fast and how spinner you want in your game. By then, you can choose the blade, rubbers, glue to build your own racket.
Myth 6 : Some Rubbers are Unpredictable
Unpredictable is usually a result of not understanding. Low level players don’t understand rubbers like pimples out, antispin, long pimples work. Once they understand that, this “junk rubber” is predictable.
Myth 7 : The better the Player the farther he/she stand from the table.
If this is true, all the top players will be playing 40 feet away from the table. It’s truth that most good player can return the ball ten feet away from the table. But high level player like to keep the game close to the table.






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