Origin of Table Tennis

11/02/2018 23:24

The origin of table tennis evolved through the ancient game called court game or real tennis by jeu de paume over a thousand years ago, and it is regarded as the grandparent of all racket sports. early table tennis set The game was played with the palm of the hand and later wrapped with a leather or cloth and later again with a long solid wood bat, by the 1500s, the strung racket was used. Lawn Tennis is considered to be the parent game of table tennis and it was already very popular in 1870s and 80s. Game makers tried to use the success of lawn tennis to develop indoor tennis games. The first use of the name table tennis occurred on a board and dice game in 1887.

Who Invented Table Tennis?

In 1890 David foster of England introduce the first action game of tennis on a table. David foster is today known as the man who invented table tennis. So we cannot talk about the table tennis without David Foster. In 1891, John Jaques introduced Gosima, later registered as ping pong. The term ping pong originated as a nickname because of the sound made when the game was been played in the early days. So in a nutshell the table tennis originated from lawn tennis and was introduced by David Foster of England who is today known as the man who invented table tennis.

Origin of Ping Pong

The origin of ping pong is a little different from table tennis. Both terms may be correct but they have a different origin in the history of the sport. In September 1900 Hamley Brothers registered a table game call ping pong with trademark registration No.233177. They teamed up with John Jaques and Son to market their ping pong product which used celluloid balls. The name Ping Pong is an imitation of the sound that is made by the ball when it bounces on the table and the vellum bats that were used. So the origin of ping pong or the term ping pong came from the sound made by the ball and became a registered trademark name by sports manufacturers John Jaques and Son of England. Parker Brothers of USA bought the right to the name ping pong from Jaques to be used only in USA. However Jaques retained the right to the name everywhere in the world except in the USA. So what’s the difference between ping pong and table tennis? Click here to find out more.




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