Newgy 2050 Review

07/22/2016 21:58

A few people have been talking about buying a table tennis robot to improve their table tennis game.  I have used for over 5 years a Butterfly Amicus 3000.  It improved my game enormously and still gives a very valuable way to train, when I couldn't be bothered leaving the house or don't have the time to go into the club and get a coach or partner.  It is an excellent robot, although I am not sure if it is the best table tennis robot deal on the market today any more.

Especially if you are not an advanced player and have less cash you want to part with.  I searched around for the best deal in terms of price and functions and I think the 
Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 table tennis robot deal is pretty hard to beat.
In one table tennis equipment purchase you can get everything you need to start training.  I mean even a partner to feed you the balls.  For under a grand, you get the table tennis robot and table tennis table net, 4 table tennis paddles, 48 orange balls and 2 "ball pick up-ers" and a training book.     

The table tennis robot


You want the balls to be controlled easilly in terms of ball speed, wait time, and landing location and this table tennis robot delivers that for sure.  The table tennis ball thrower oscillates and the net system which includes side nets, recycles the balls.  

The full size digital control box also has 64 drillls stored on the controller. This means you can create and save drills using a simple interface, and  then run those drills direct from your PC.

It also has changes for right-handers or left-handers alike. 

Most importantly, you are protected by a 30-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee, a standard 1-Year Limited Warranty, and a 5-Year Service Policy.

I think that's a pretty hard deal to beat.




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